Why Mentally Awake

light-bulbs-1125016_640The idea for Mentally Awake came from a flash realization (read the story here) that we live in a world surrounded by distractions that almost seem designed to make us less productive. In the moment where I realized this, I also realized that I had been living Mentally Asleep for years and that many of the problems and obstacles on my life were a direct result of this state of mind.

┬áThis took me on a two-year journey to discover the very best ways to become Mentally Awake; a journey that changed my life. I read books, listened to podcasts, watched videos and was touched by some of the very best teachers and guides in the area of self-development. Now, I’ve condensed all that I learned into a simple system that I’m sharing with you so you can get the benefits of living Mentally Awake.

┬áMentally Awake is a state of mind that encompasses focus with awareness; the ability to give your attention to the things that matter whilst not blocking out the opportunities that surround you. Living Mentally Awake will increase your productivity and happiness and reduce your stress … it might even make you better looking! After all, what better way to look better than to be happier and less stressed?