One-on-one mentoring is all about unlocking your potential. We will look at the areas that are causing you stress and making you feel overwhelmed, then develop a plan to help you overcome the challenges. Together we will develop the goals and choose the tools that will help get the things that matter to you done. As your mentor, I'll check in regularly and act as a sounding board and advisor as you develop your new skills and grow in confidence

Key agreements

The customer has a right to understand and feel confident about the mentoring process before it starts. All our mentoring is based around these key agreements.

The client controls the mentoring process
Everything in the process is confidential
There is mutual respect between the mentor and mentee at all times

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a process to help the client overcome challenges that are interfering with their performance. Distinct from coaching, which is generally task-based, mentoring takes a holistic view of performance. The mentor works to encourage the client to develop new ways of thinking and acting that allows them to overcome obsticles and be more effective in their work and home life.

Typical Customers

  • Newly promoted subject specialists
  • Fast-track executives
  • Senior managers
  • Small business owners
  • Entrepreneurs


How long is the mentoring process?

Typically, mentoring is a longer-term process where the mentor and the client develop a relationship over a period of several months and work to implement strategies to overcome challenges and concerns that they have identified.
What does the process involve?

Every client is different, but the mentoring process starts with a free 45-minute consultation to discuss what mentoring is and to establish if the mentor and the client are a good fit. Assuming that they are, the process revolves around a series of one-hour meetings (in-person or virtually) typically every week or two. In these meetings the mentor and the client will work collaboratively to identify the desired outcomes, the challenges, and obstacles to achieving them. The mentor will work with the client to find new ways of thinking and behaving to overcome these challenges, and work to implement and enhance them.
My company is paying, will they know what we discuss?

In a word - No. If your employer is paying for your mentoring, my letter of engagement with the company clearly states that I will not share anything from the mentoring process with them, unless you have given me permission in writing. I may,with your permission, get feedback from a manager or leader in your organization during the mentoring process, which I will share with you.
What does it cost?

I passionately believe that mentoring can help many people and I offer a sliding scale of payments for individuals that are paying personally for their mentoring. Corporate packages are typically in the range of $200 per client each month, but prices can be tailored to individual needs. Please use the contact form and I'll be happy to call you and talk to you about your individual circumstances.