About Me

20160522_125403I’m Mark Sharman. I’ve been actively involved in sales, professional fundraising, and management for over 25 years! I’ve also been a husband, partner, parent, and volunteer! For much of this time I’ve been stressed and overwhelmed and watched many of my colleagues and friends struggle with the same challenges.

 Every day, people like yourself struggle with feeling overwhelmed and stressed. It’s no reflection on you! It’s a natural consequence of the 24-hour, always connected world in which we live.

 Mentally Awake is all about overcoming these challenges so everyone can live a productive, happier and stress-free life. In my blog and podcast, I give practical advice on how to get clarity and uncover the tools that will help get more of the things that matter to you done. I also talk to other leaders in this area to bring you the best ideas out there from a range of sources.

 I post to the blog three times a week. On Mondays, I release a new version of the podcast and on Wednesdays and Fridays, I write blog articles. To make sure you get all the latest posts, subscribe now. It’s quick, easy and painless.

 My Bio

I have a career spanning 25 years on both sides of the Atlantic. I have worked in law-enforcement, and at various levels of management in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

 I spent time as a policy manager for both a regional Chamber of Commerce and the British Chambers of Commerce, I’ve been the CEO of a regional non-profit in the UK and worked both professionally and as a volunteer with Boy Scouts of America.

 Away from work, I emigrated to Florida from the UK in 2005 and I love to spend time on or near the water and enjoying all the great outdoor activities that Florida has to offer.

 Get in touch

I love to hear from readers. If you’d like to get in touch with me, you can email me or use the contact form here on the website. You can also head over to our Facebook community or connect with me on LinkedIn.